PV Solar

​There are many choices when it comes to choosing PV solar for your residence. There are many moving parts when it comes to making the decision to go solar, such as your location, the quality of solar panels, the reputation of solar installers, the financing (whether you qualify), the tax rebates and incentives, and more. As a community member, we do all the legwork for you. We have worked with solar installation companies across the United States and are well-positioned to walk you through the process of PV solar. We work with our community members by choosing the very best solar plan unique to their home or business. As your personal smart energy concierge, we will work with solar companies from start to finish to design, finance, build and manage the right system for you.

How it works: We will provide you with a solar feasibility assessment, which includes our advice on how to finance your solar project while taking advantage of federal and local incentives. We will help you calculate your utility rate factor and the amount of sunshine available on your rooftop or property. 

Community Solar

Not everyone has the opportunity to install Solar PV systems on their roof. The upfront costs may be too prohibitive for some; others live in an apartment or rent their home. The good news is that if you pay a monthly energy bill, you can save with our partner’s Community Solar Programs.

No matter where your home or business is, or where you live, Empower Energy Solutions’ Community Solar Partners provides the opportunity to participate in clean, renewable energy with no or little out of pocket costs.

Anyone with a utility meter can take part in community solar, regardless of property ownership status. Businesses, renters, non-profits, homeowners and many others can now enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to own a building with south facing roof in new condition or pay anything upfront.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans are advanced high efficiency solar attic ventilation systems. By installing solar attic fans you will not only be creating a more pleasant living space but you will be protecting your roof, framing and attic from excessive heat and moisture. 

How Does a Solar Powered Attic Fan Work?

A solar powered attic fan provides constant steady airflow throughout your attic. As result, during the winter, stale warm air is vented out giving more room for fresh cool air, also known as “air exchange.” Your attic should never be hotter than 10-25° above the outside air temperature in the summer time. A properly ventilated attic will help reduce your energy costs and reduce the temperature in your home in the summer, and keep your home warmer in the winter because the insulation will be dryer thus improving the R Value.

During the hot summer months, your attic can reach temperatures of 160°F and above. Solar Attic Fans work by expelling this hot air and returning your attic’s space closer to the outside ambient temperature. Our Solar Powered Attic Fans operate completely off solar energy, pulling the outside air in through existing static and soffit vents. By pulling from this external air source, the attic fan will extract the hot, humid air up through the fan and create a constant exchange of air in your attic. 

Sun Pump

Solar Heat Pumps are a new category of high-efficiency solar systems that can take care of both your domestic hot water and your space heating, utilizing the efficiency of heat pumps coupled with the far superior sources of heat: the sun, the wind, and the rain. Such systems can be 3-4 times more efficient than straight electric heating! As much as 5 times more efficient than a standard oil or gas furnace. Rather than trying to extract heat from air (as does a regular heat pump), solar heat pumps extract heat energy in all weather situations. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting is no longer just the earth-friendly choice, it’s fast becoming top choice for designers, homeowners and businesses. LED lighting differs from incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting in several ways. When designed well, LED lighting can be more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting. LED lighting products use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently. An electrical current passes through semiconductor material, which illuminates the tiny light sources called LEDs. 

Energy Measurement Devices (Curb)

CURB is the most powerful and intelligent integrated hardware/software system for visualizing and managing energy in residential and commercial settings. 18 dedicated sensors give you real-time information about your home’s power consumption, electrical vehicle charging and solar production. Integration with Samsung’s SmartThings platform enables you to directly control appliances on the go. Fortune magazine identified CURB as an essential component of every smart home. “It’s the smartest way to start… An instant money saver.” Power your life. Smarter.


Energy Savings Products

By joining the Empower Energy Community, you will now have advocates looking to find you the best ways to either produce your own energy, store your own energy, or simply to cut down of your energy costs with innovative yet affordable energy savings products and services. Here are a few items that members of our community are talking about.